Our School

Pápa Vocational Centre Jókai Mór Secondary School of Economics and Student Hostel is one of the most significant secondary schools of our town. The imposing four-storey building was built in 1900 and it was used as a teacher training college until 1939 when it became a secondary school of trade and economics. Since then it has been a secondary school of economics. Our institution got its name from a famous Hungarian writer, Jókai Mór who studied in our town, but in a different school.

We offer three types of professional learning opportunities

  • Economics
  • Transporting, Forwarding and Logistics (Those who study here have a preparatory year where they study two foreign languages (English and German) in higher number of classes. In addition to this, their competence in native language and mathematics is improved and they learn Information Technology and Typing as well.
  • Management studies

At the end of the twelfth year, students take their final exam in Hungarian Grammar and Literature, History, Mathematics, a foreign language (English or German) and the special subjects of their chosen profession.  After that students may continue their studies here in a so-called post-secondary year where they can get their professional qualifications (financial accounting administrator, general government administrator, logistics and forwarding administrator, office secretary, business information specialist).

Why should you choose “Közgáz”?

  • There is no entrance exam for the applicants
  • Students learn their profession in both theory and practice
  • Students can get ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence); and a language certificate during their studies
  • Students can get National Qualifications Register (OKJ) profession in a year, right after their final exam.
  • We have a lot of interesting student traditions that make the social life of our school more colourful (freshman camp, ball of the juniors, talent show, various quizzes, cultural shows, foreign study trips, prom, school leaving ceremony, etc.)
  • Because it’s COOL to study in Közgáz! J

Hencz Balázs Mihály (5/13. L)


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